Hauni Tobacco Machinery Parts Ceramic Glue Roller

Item Outer Diamter Length Material
Big glue roller 90mm 196.4mm Steel body with ceramic roller
Small glue roller 60mm 120mm Steel body with ceramic roller

Big glue roller and small glue roller are worked together as a whole set. Both of them can be manufactured
by our factory. The size of these (diameter) will vary depending on the cigarette diameter (cork tipping patch length)
if the system is using Print Gumming (meaning the applicator roller runs at the same speed as the cork paper).
There is another system called Wipe Gumming, in this both rollers always have the same diameter and applicator
roller runs faster than paper.

Moreover, we are supplying more cigarette machine parts includes tobacco garniture tape, nylon suction tape,
cigarette tongue piece, cigarette loading tray, blades & knives, rolling drum, tipping paper cutting knives,
garniture assembly, sharpening disc, filter rod cutting knives, tobacco rod knives etc.
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Ceramic Glue Roller Display: